Egg Curry Recipe | Egg Curry Recipe For Rice | Egg Curry Recipe Easy | Recipe for anda curry

Egg Curry Recipe | Egg Curry Recipe For Rice | Egg Curry Recipe Easy | Recipe for anda curry

Egg Curry Recipe is an easy way to stop your hunger, it Just takes a few minutes and you will end up making perfect Protein-rich recipe instead of going with fast which is unhealthy and not good for health as well. You can try egg curry with Rice, Chapati, Paranthas whatever you like. iF You have no idea where to start Just follow my Easy Steps and Start Making with me.

Ingredients for Egg Curry Recipe

  • 6 Eggs
  • Oil-1 Bowl

Ingredients for Egg Curry Gravy

  • Onion-1
  • Green chilli-2
  • Ginger-1inch
  • Garlic-(10-15)
  • Coriander For Garnishing
  • Tomato-2

Spices For Egg Curry

  • Elaichi-2
  • Garam Masala-1/2tbsp
  • Jeera-1/2tbsp
  • Dhania powder-1tbsp
  • Salt-1tbsp(as per taste)
  • Red Mirch Powder-1tbsp
  • Daal Chini-2
  • Kali Mirch-(4-5)
  • Turmeric Powder (Haldi)-1/2tbsp


  1. First Boil Eggs, Take a  bowl and put it over gas and add 2 glass of water, make sure you add that much of water so Eggs Sinks down and boil properly for 10min, one tip is, add 1 tbsp salt in the water this will make them boil fast.
  2. The second step is Prepare gravy, take chopped Onion, Ginger, Garlic, and Tomato, grind them in the mixer grinder and make a paste.
  3. Now Peel off egg skin, Now let’s start making egg curry recipe, All ingredients are ready.
  4. take a Pan and put it over Gas, pour Oil and let it heat, first we will fry boiled Eggs.
  5. make sure you don’t over fry it, do it till they become golden brown.

Preparation of gravy

  1. So let’s start by making gravy, we boiled eggs, I have used the same Oil, Oil is hot already Add this Daalchini, Elaichi, Kali Mirch, Elaichi All these spices, they make food favor good and food taste amazing. If you don’t have these spices, add Elaichi and jeera Only rest spices you can skip.
  2. Saute these spices, Now add Onion, Tomato, Ginger all paste we Prepared.
  3. Sauce this paste till Our Masala Gravy starts leaving Oil, Add all Redmirch powder, Turmeric, Coriander powder all rest spices which we haven’t used yet, start to saute these spices along with masala gravy.
  4. Now add the Water as per the Gravy you want, I like concentrated gravy so I m adding little water .if you are making it for a single person I recommend don’t add too much water, this will ruin the whole taste.
  5. Now after adding water cook this gravy with the lid on, for 5min.
  6. Gravy Is Ready to add boiled eggs and cook for 1-2 min further and use the Coriander to Garnish our Egg curry if you like coriander otherwise Serve it just like that.

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Benefits of Eating Eggs

  • Eggs are a good source for  Protein.
  • Eggs are rich sources of vitamin D, B6, B12, selenium,  minerals such as iron and zinc.

Step by Step Egg Curry Recipe along with Pictures


  1. if You are Beginner at cooking Replicate each step I m telling here you will end up making delicious egg curry trust me. We need these ingredients Egg, Oil.i have given the whole list above, I m considering you are already with all ingredients on the table.

egg curry recipe ingredients

2. Take a Bowl, I m boiling 6 eggs if you are preparing for 2 eggs, take bowl accordingly.

3.light the gas and add all eggs in the bowl and add water, add sufficient amount of water So should cover all egg.

simple egg curry recipe

4. One Pro tip added a little salt, this will help in boing eggs fast.

5. The eggs has been boiled, Switch off the gas and put the bowl down and let it cool down.

indian egg curry recipe

6. I have peeled off the skin See, Egg looks yum, don’t eat now.

7. In order to make Gravy for egg curry, We need to prepare the paste, With help of grinder make the paste of (Onion, Garlic, Ginger, Tomato).

8. Take a Pan, I have taken Kadai ( We use it in India ) You take your Pan and Light the gas and Pour Oil, Let it heat.

9. We will Fry All Eggs, do it carefully use some lid while putting the egg in hot oil.

spicy egg curry recipe

10. look I have fried all eggs, see we need Golden brown eggs.

egg curry recipe step by step with pictures

11. I have used this leftover Oil to make Gravy, So let’s start, Add Spices  DaalchiniElaichi, Kali Mirch, these are old traditional spices of India which actually bring taste in Recipe.

12. Saute these spices and add the paste we just prepared and saute it, with these spices it brings more aroma.

egg curry recipe step by step

13. Saute this mixture till then it starts leaving Oil.

14. Now add Spices (Salt, Turmeric, Red Mirch Powder, Garam Masala). saute these spices, keep stirring it well.

15. Oil started coming to see, and half of our Gravy is ready, look color looks tempting Isn’t it?

16. Now add 1 glass of water, you add according to gravy you want if you want to serve it with rice add some more water then.

17. Now take some lid and cook it covered for 5 min after that we will add fried eggs and we are done.

18. Add eggs and cook it for 1-2 min that’s it.

anda curry recipe

19. TADA Our Delicious Egg Curry Recipe Is Ready.

recipe for anda curry,how to make egg curry

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