how to make pav bhaji | pav bhaji recipe | VARSHA’s KITCHEN

how to make pav bhaji | pav bhaji recipe | VARSHA’s KITCHEN

Pav bhaji recipe |how to make pav bhaji is most loved street food after golgappa in India, it is basically found in Mumbai those who have been there must have tasted it but many cannot go there due to many reasons, so I bring the recipe which will taste same as pav bhaji of Mumbai.spicy pav bhaji with butter  and crisp pav, The hard part in pav bhaji is to make bhaji that too colorful however this recipe I have tried to make it easier and guided with step by step pictures.combination of vegetables makes it healthy for children if want to make especially for children if don’t want to read just watch the video and start making.So let’s start making delicious pav bhaji  at home

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how to make pav bhaji | pav bhaji recipe | VARSHA's KITCHEN
Most loved street food Easy steps try it today...pav bhaji ni kai to kya khaya I m making for whole family
Recipe type: Street Food
Cuisine: Mumbai Ki Pav bhaji recipe
  • Cauliflower-500gm
  • Lauki-BOTTLE GOURD(300gm)
  • Potato-5
  • Kaddu-Pumpkin ½kg(optional)
  • Peas(150gm)
  • Desi Ghee-2tbsp
  • Ginger-1tbsp(Grated)
  • Garlic-1tbsp(Grated)
  • Green chilli-1
  • Onion-2(Paste)
  • Tomato250gm(Paste)
  • #Spices
  • Jeera-1tbsp
  • Dhania Powder-1/2tbsp
  • Haldi powder-1tbsp
  • Salt-1+1/2tbsp
  • Hing
  • Redmirch Powder
  • Garam Masala-1tbsp
  • Pav bhaji Masala-3tbsp
  1. Let's begin I will make pav bhaji in two steps First we will boil our vegetables after that we will prepare bhaji for pav bhaji recipe.
  2. take a pressure cooker and put all vegetables and boil it add 2-3 glass water in the cooker.
  3. for 2-3 whistles only.
  4. Now our vegetables have been boiled now, take it in the bowl and with help of mesher mesh, these vegetables see as I have done in the video.
  5. Let's prepare bhaji, take this meshed vegetables keep it ready, put the pan over gas and light the gas.
  6. Add desi ghee in the pan and let it heat you can use butter instead, add jeera, hing, now add garlic, ginger saute them, after this add onion and saute it, Add Tomato paste and keep stirring and saute it as well, now add all spices one by one and saute them.add little water and in last add meshed vegetables and cook it for 5-10m min.
  7. Take another Pan and take Pav and use butter to fry it now serve Your Pav bhaji recipe it ready

how to make pav bhaji | pav bhaji recipe with step by step with pictures


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Yummy pav bhaji recipe in hindi



Step1.First and foremost wash all vegetables and cut them as shown in image | pav bhaji recipe in hindi


Step2. Take the pressure cooker and add all vegetables in it and pour the 2-3 glass of water

  Step   cook it for 2-3 whistle 

Step3  after whistle take out these vegetables in another bowl now they are boiled .

Step4. with the help of mesher mesh these vegetables which is most important step for making bhaji it should be meshed properly so our bhaji will be same as we see it in street food.


Step5.inorder to prepare bhaji, take a pan or let’s begin making bhaji, keep aside meshed vegetables, put a pan over gas and put gas on low flame.


Step6. add 2tbsp ghee or butter and let it heat 


Step7. add jeera and saute it after that add hing  


Step8 add ginger, add garlic, add onion paste and saute it this will bring taste to our bhaji 

Step9 Now add tomato paste and saute it, keep stiring don’t let burn the paste 


Step 10.add all spices have given in ingredients list and saute them properly, dont add too much pav bhaji masala



cook spices properly it will give good taste


Step 11 add little water and add meshed vegetables which we prepared earlier and cook for  5-10 min.


Step12 add salt acc to taste and cook bhaji for 5-6 min .


Our pav baji recipe is ready, put off gas | pav bhaji recipe in hindi


Now preparing Pav for Pav bhaji

Step 13 Take a pan and add butter and let it heat .

Step14.take pav and fry it over pan ,you can cut it from middle and cook it this way as we see in restaurent.


Our Pav bhaji recipe is ready serve it and enjoy| pav bhaji recipe in hindi





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